Get More Targeted Leads

Finding More Leads By Enhancing Prospect Relationships

We all know that every business needs more leads which means more potential customers ready to buy your product or service, but finding more leads is hard – really hard.

It has become even harder and more complex due to the changing nature of the Internet and the rapid pace at which today’s businesses are expected to grow.

Marketers tried to generate leads through many outbound (and often aggressive tactics) such as cold calling – which is still the main tactic for many small businesses – batch and blast email tactics, trade shows, print and radio advertising, and list purchasing.

Although outbound techniques certainly have their place and are indeed part of a well-rounded lead generation strategy, used alone, they can be a turnoff to many of today’s buyers.

Modern marketers (the business owners) also need to employ tactics like social media, content marketing, SEO, and similar strategies to generate more, and warmer, leads for their business or sales team.

Here’s a video about social media and how to get leads through HobSpots:

Even more important than generating a ton of leads is generating a ton of qualified leads that are interested enough in your product or service that they could potentially become customers. Generating leads like they are going out of style won’t matter if they are bad lead, so take care.

As mentioned earlier, today’s buyer self-educates. And because of the open nature of the internet, he has high expectations for customer service. Additionally, today’s buyer values relationships and trust, and likes to interact with brands on a more personal level through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. He wants to be spoken with, not spoken at.

Finding more leads, you need to think of lead generation holistically and strategically in order for it to be effective. Integrate many facets of your marketing department including events, email marketing, social media, business directories,  paid programs, lead nurturing, and sales.

Companies today need to focus on creating relationships with leads so that when a buyer is ready to purchase, your company is top-of-mind. This is done through engaging leads with educational content, being active on social channels to develop a following, face-to-face interactions at events, and other relationship-building lead generation tactics.

Remember, the days of the faceless corporation are over. Your buyers want to engage with you as they would engage with a friend. Consumer companies like Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple do a great job creating relationships with customers through storytelling, great branding, and creative lead generation tactics.

Appealing to your buyer creates brand ambassadors, ultimately helping you grow your company, finding more leads, and not just that… but finding more quality leads.

How To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

Everyone is talking about content marketing. If you’ve been to any marketing conferences in the past two years, you’ve probably noticed that content marketing is the new social media.

It’s a hot topic on every marketers mind and is proving to be large on every marketer’s mind and is proving to be large part of any successful lead generation effort.

Content marketing can be defined many ways, but I like C.C. Chapman’s the best, from the book Content Rules:

“Content marketing is anything a company creates and shares to tell their story. It is conversational, human, and doesn’t try to constantly sell to you. It also isn’t tactic that you can just turn on and off and hope that it will be successful.

It has to be a mindset that is embraced and encouraged. You’ve got to start thinking like a publisher and use that to plan and execute your entire marketing plan, which content of any variety should be a part of.”

Content marketing isn’t new. Brands have been using the concept of content marketing to tell their story for decades. In 1895, John Deere released a customer magazine that now has 1.5 mil subscribers worldwide. In 1904, Jell-O created a recipe book that contributed to $1,000,000 in sales by 1906

Consider even early cave paintings. Engaging an audience through a story has always been a primary way humans communicate with one another. Brands need to integrate this tactic into their lead generation efforts.

Content marketing becomes particularly important as the new buyer self-educates through the buying journey via online channels. And because the new buyer represents a fundamental shift in how we as marketers reach audiences, creating value has been a primary focus.

Content marketing’s major attributes include the following:

  • Embodies the product or firm’s core brand elements
  • Use a variety of media formats such as text, video, photos, audio, ebooks, and info graphics to tall a brand story
  • Can be consumed on a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones, and tables
  • It distributed through your owned properties like your website and blog, through third-party contact and vendors, and social media platforms
  • Provides measurable results through for the use of appropriate calls-to-action.

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